The Longest Lovespoon book




The Longest Lovespoon Book was originally written to accompany the making of the longest lovespoon here at The Lovespoon Workshop. Whilst longer lovespoons have been made since this lovespoon remains the longest hand carved using traditional hand chisels and gouges lovespoon in the world!! The longest lovespoon itself is hand carved from a single solid piece of Welsh Oak, measures in excess of 28ft and took over 300hrs to complete.

The Longest Lovespoon book itself features a centre pull out of the Longest lovespoon. It also explains a variety of aspects of the 17th century Welsh lovespoon tradition and has numerous colour photos of lovespoons that have been made since 1969 by the Thomas family.

The Longest Lovespoon book provides background information on the lovespoon tradition, The Longest Lovespoon and The Lovespoon Workshop giving readers an insight into this unique 17th century Welsh tradition.