How to make YOUR own Welsh lovespoons

The Lovespoon Workshop
The Lovespoon Workshop

Here in our  ‘how to make YOUR own Welsh lovespoon’ page we provide a wide range of ideas to help everyone learn how to make your own lovespoon. A wide variety of FREE resources to help you make your own lovespoons and learn wood carving and spoon carving are available.

Follow the link below to subscribe and see all of our videos on our dedicated YouTube channel Dai ‘lovespoons’ Thomas. Through our channel, we share a wide variety of techniques and methods for anyone wanting to learn wood carving and lovespoon carving. New videos are uploaded every Wednesday evening and Sunday morning. FREE videos include, step by step tutorials for making lovespoons, simple techniques to help with designing and methods for keeping your tools sharp. Regardless of your skills and background, even if you have never used a wood carving tool before, we have videos to help you develop the skill required for wood carving and lovespoon carving.

Making lovespoons can be a great project for anyone who is interested in wood but also for schools, colleges and any groups interested in arts, crafts and design. Feel free to contact us for any additional assistance and lovespoon making resources and information. Remember to stay safe and take ALL necessary precautions when working with sharp tools and machinery, taking all of the necessary steps to ensure your own safety and enjoy the wonderful process of working with wood. The Lovespoon Workshop does not take responsibility for individuals or groups when undertaking these activities, these activities are undertaken at your own risk.

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Dai ‘lovespoons’ Thomas – YouTube channel

Take a quick look below at some of our YouTube videos. Follow the link above to check out all of our YouTube videos.

How to make your own Welsh love spoon.

FREE lovespoon patterns can be useful to get you started and difficult to come across. Below we have provided a few that will hopefully be useful to you. Please be aware that lovespoon designs that are marked with ‘FREE LOVESPOON PATTERN’ are the ONLY designs available on our website for you to use. All other lovespoons on our website, including all designs in our online lovespoon shop, are the property and sole property of The Lovespoon Workshop. Free video step by step tutorials to help you make all of our ‘FREE LOVESPOON PATTERN’ lovespoons will be available on our YouTube channel over the coming months.

lovespoon pattern free
lovespoon pattern free.

lovespoon pattern front
lovespoon pattern front.

lovespoon pattern side
lovespoon pattern side

simple lovespoon patterns
simple lovespoon patterns.

Top tips for wood carving beginners

How to carve wood

How to carve a spoon bowl

In the video below we give our top ten tips for anyone who is learning to make love spoons.

How to sharpen chisels and gouges

How to use a Scroll Saw (Hegner)

Please be aware that all lovespoon designs on our website are the property and sole property of The Lovespoon Workshop. You are free to use designs marked as ‘FREE LOVESPOON PATTERN’ for your own personal use. If you need any additional information about our FREE lovespoon resources available on our ‘How to make YOUR own Welsh lovespoons’ page feel free to contact us here at The Lovespoon Workshop. Please ensure to take your OWN safety into account when working with wood, these FREE resources are intended as a useful guide but The Lovespoon Workshop takes no responsibility for individual or group safety when undertaking these activities.