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Terms and Conditions for purchases from The Lovespoon Workshop

The Lovespoon Workshop copyright 2018..

All lovespoons are handmade and therefore variations in colour and grain will occur.

On lovespoons that have a single heart in the design please specify in the initials field if you require a + sign to be carved between the two initials. For example A + B. If field is left as A B a plus will not be included.

Letters OR numbers are restricted to two per lovespoon. Additional letters and numbers will not be included in your order. If you require additional letters or numbers this can be arranged via telephone or in person at The Lovespoon Workshop.

Letters or numbers are also handcarved on each lovespoon, please ensure you are happy with the carving style of letters and numbers, as displayed in the photo in the online shop. If you do not like or require letters or numbers to be carved just leave this field blank.

We guarantee our lovespoons are made in Wales because we make them ourselves here at The Lovespoon Workshop.

If you are not 100% happy with your purchase we will accept it being returned within one month of receiving your order and we will issue a full refund of the price of the lovespoon but you will incur the cost of postage.

All purchases within the United Kingdom are sent via first class post and we will seek to have your order with you within the shortest amount of time.

Dimensions of lovespoons are a rough guide only, due to lovespoons being handmade variations in the final lovespoon size do occur.
Purchases to Continental Europe, Canada and the USA will be subject to your national postal service.

We do not accept orders from Australia and New Zealand due to the restrictions placed upon wooden items by each respective customs.

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