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Your ideas transformed into a unique Welsh Lovespoon

Over the years we have been involved in designing and making countless bespoke Welsh lovespoons. We are frequently asked if we can make something just a little bit different from our normal designs. Due to the fact that we design and make all of our lovespoons here at The Lovespoon Workshop in West Wales, we can adapt to cater for a wide variety of needs. We have no starting price or price guide in regards to bespoke lovespoons, pricing is based entirely around the amount of time it takes us to fulfil an individual order. We seek to offer everyone the fairest possible price to make your dreams, thoughts and ideas into an individual handcarved Welsh lovespoon. We can start from scratch with just the ideas you have, develop a design and see it through to its completion, a lovespoon that is a true reflection of the ideas that you started with.

Swans partner for life Welsh lovespoon, designed and handcarved at The Lovespoon Workshop.
Swans partner for life Welsh lovespoon, designed and handcarved at The Lovespoon Workshop.

How it Works

Using one of our contact forms you can send message us here at The Lovespoon Workshop and give an explanation of the lovespoon you would like to make. We will reply as soon as possible with our thoughts on your ideas and what is possible within the timescale you have. A period of consultation will follow and once we have enough information we will draw a design using your ideas of your lovespoon and send it to you to see. Size and wood colour will often be discussed during this time. No payment is asked for at this point and we will commence work on your lovespoon once you have instructed us that you are happy for us to proceed. We will begin making your lovespoon and complete all parts excluding more personal ideas (initials, dates, names, etc.). At this point we require payment in full and this can be made either by the creation of a unique link in our online lovespoon shop using PayPal secure payment or using a credit or debit card over the telephone. Both payment options can be organised via prior arrangement. Once payment is received we will proceed in completing your bespoke lovespoon and ship it to the address you provide as soon as possible. Please note that your lovespoon remains the property of The Lovespoon Workshop until payment is made in full.

A unique lovespoon carved in a beautiful piece of Yew, handcarved at The Lovespoon Workshop.
A unique lovespoon carved in a beautiful piece of Yew, handcarved at The Lovespoon Workshop.

Things to Consider

The Lovespoon Workshop is a family business, we only have two of us, as in myself and dad (Thomas the Woodcarver) making the lovespoons, therefore time can sometimes be an issue. Bespoke work can take over two months from first email or telephone contact to completed lovespoon. Occasionally we might miss an email request, please be assured that this is in no way a snub, if we feel a request is too time consuming to take on we would inform you of such by replying to your message. If you have no reply within a week simply resend your message and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Another thing to consider is your own budget. We take a great deal of care to keep our designs affordable whilst making them elaborate enough to meet your expectations. If your budget of £30 there is no point in us designing something that will cost more than £100. If you have a specific size requirement or restriction it is worth making this clear as we will seek to work within the parameters you specify. The Lovespoon Workshop is not only a premises where lovespoons are handcarved, it is also a popular visitor attraction therefore at certain times of the year we are more busy with visitors to our workshop. This can result in waiting times for bespoke lovespoons increasing and short turnarounds of lovespoons not being possible. We will endeavour to make it clear if we are able to make your lovespoon and will inform you if it is not possible at a particular point in time.

Dai 'lovespoons' Thomas Handcarving Welsh lovespoons at The Lovespoon Workshop.
Dai ‘lovespoons’ Thomas Handcarving Welsh lovespoons at The Lovespoon Workshop.

An example of the entire process

A lovespoon idea to be presented to the bride and groom on their wedding day.

Two hearts side by side, with two bells above for the celebration. An eternity sign below to record the idea of eternal love and togetherness. A daffodil and a thistle because the bride is from Scotland and the groom from Wales. The initials cut out of the hearts and the date on the stem of the lovespoon. Carved in a recycled piece of Mahogany because of the beautiful deep colour and grain of the wood, with a budget of £100

This would be a fairly typical request. Enough information has been provided to design something suitable. Without sizes being specified all carvings will be made to our standard carving style. The budget allows us to make a lovely design with beautiful detail and include all of the elements asked for. In this example we would hope to make the lovespoon and include postage and packaging within the price. We give a price for making a lovespoon when we send a drawing of the design and as previously mentioned if we can make it for less than your total budget and do it justice, we will. We only charge what is a fair price for a fair job.

The Thomas family making lovespoons at The Lovespoon Workshop
The Thomas family handcarving Welsh lovespoons at The Lovespoon Workshop.

So Get Thinking…

It gives you a chance to add a little extra to your lovespoon. That slightly more personal touch. If you are looking to create a truly unique and personal keepsake that could end up as a family heirloom for future generations to treasure our bespoke lovespoon service provides an opportunity for you to be involved in making your very own Welsh Lovespoon.

Feel free to contact us below, it doesn’t cost anything to ask and we are happy to help if we can.

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