Tolsham’s Dream



Published in 2013, Tolsham’s Dream is the second in our series of children’s books from The Lovespoon Workshop. It is the prequel to Kedrig’s Challenge and once again it was written by Jill Thomas, wife of Thomas the Woodcarver and illustrated by their daughter Michaela Sherlock. Following on from the success of Kedrig’s Challenge, Tolsham’s Dream built on the formula of encouraging the reluctant primary school aged reader to enjoy the pursuit of fascinating story. Recommended for readers aged between seven and twelve.

Our projects here at The Lovespoon Workshop are usually tied in with the Welsh lovespoon tradition. Tolsham’s Dream is included within the story of our own unique collection of family lovespoons. In 2013 our anual lovespoon had a story to record each and every month of that year, being handcarved in the shape and style of a calender. The month of November was dedicated entirely to the publishing of Tolsham’s dream. As with Kedrig’s Challenge, Tolsham’s Dream took inspiration from the environment in and around Castell Coch, near Tongwynlais. Each copy of Tolsham’s Dream is signed by the author and includes an exclusive lovespoon shaped bookmark, featuring one of our own unique family lovespoons and the message it contains.

Tolsham’s Dream is a story focussed on the struggle of a poor man and his family over many difficulties. An incredible discovery changes the course of their lives, but jealousy and envy bring conflicts and problems to overcome. Will his dream come true?

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Kedrig’s Challenge and Tolsham’s Dream.


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