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The workbench at The Lovespoon Workshop.
The Lovespoon Workshop
Handcrafted with care from log to lovespoon.
Lovespoons at The Lovespoon Workshop.
Handcarving Welsh lovespoons in the heart of Wales.
Display lovespoons at The Lovespoon Workshop.
Sharing our passion for the lovespoon tradition with the wider world.

The Lovespoon Workshop

Genuine Welsh Lovespoons hand carved by The Thomas Family at The Lovespoon Workshop near Tenby in Pembrokeshire.

The Thomas family are in the process of moving our website our website to wordpress so our full range of designs can be enjoyed by all online. In the meantime you can still find us by using our website www.thelovespoonworkshop.com all lovespoons that are available on this website have been handcarved by the Thomas family at The Lovespoon Workshop. We hope to have the move completed within the next few months allowing us to bring much more of our lives at The Lovespoon Workshop to a digital audience.

The 17th century Welsh tradition of carving wooden spoons as a token of affection and love continues in Wales today. Often much time is dedicated to designing and making intricate lovespoons from wood. Lovespoons are used to record various special occasions, including engagements, anniversaries, weddings and births. Today the lovespoon can be used to acknowledge a friend or loved one. It also serves as a unique reminder of a special time spent visiting Wales.

The Thomas family making lovespoons at The Lovespoon Workshop
The Thomas family making lovespoons at The Lovespoon Workshop.

Welsh lovespoons, an evolving tradition

Lovespoons vary greatly in their intricacy, from the plain and simple to the elaborate and complicated but all have a story to tell. The Welsh lovespoon has an ability to adapt and evolve. It can cater for makers of greatly varied ability levels and recipients who have greatly varied tastes. A simple heart and bowl design can be as meaningful to the recipient as one that has numerous hours of toil. The making of a lovespoon can give true meaning to the idea of a labour of love. Styles used when designing a lovespoon can be equally diverse, from traditional, to Celtic, to more modern. Unlike other areas of modern life few rules are needed and applied when it comes to the making of a lovespoon.

Directions to The Lovespoon Workshop

The Lovespoon Workshop is located in the centre of the small hamlet of Cold Inn. It is in close proximity to the beautiful seaside resorts of Tenby and Saundersfoot and only 800yrds from the main A477 Pembroke Dock ferry road.

From Kilgetty take the main A477 towards Pembroke and turn left at the traffic lights and cross roads in Broadmoor. Continue into Cold Inn and The Lovespoon Workshop is situated in the centre of Cold Inn on the left hand side. Just look for the lovespoon on the wall of the workshop.

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