Kedrig’s Challenge and Tolsham’s Dream



This is a special offer allowing you to buy signed copies of both Kedrig’s Challenge and Tolsham’s Dream, as well as the two lovespoon themed bookmarks for the reduced price of £10. That’s £5 per book as opposed to the regular price of £5.99 per book.

Follow the links below for more information about our exclusive children’s books written here at The Lovespoon Workshop.

Kedrig’s Challenge

Tolsham’s Dream


Orders of multiple items have a flat rate of postage. For example, if you order two lovespoons and two books postage is charged at the flat rate of £1.99 within the UK and £4.99 outside of the UK for the entire order, you will not be charged postage for each individual item.

More information about our lovespoons and work with the Welsh lovespoon tradition or if you need any assistance making a purchase in The Lovespoon Workshop online shop is available here on our website or by contacting us via email or telephone, details can be found on our contacts page.

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