Making a lovespoon begins with the wood itself. Wood arrives from a variety of sources at The Lovespoon Workshop. It comes to us from people including carpantary and joinery companies, tree surgeons and farmers. The wood also arrives in a variety forms, shapes and sizes. A large amount of the wood we use is reclaimed, timber that has had a previous use. Old furniture, window and door frames and even a customer that supplied their own timber for their wedding lovespoons that had previously been utilised as part of Bournemouth pier.

The wood that we use makes up part of the story of each individual lovespoon. The Yew tree for example is referred to as the eternal tree and is therefore appropriate for a variety of lovespoons that a focused on a eternal love theme.

Oak is another wood that adds to the story of a lovespoon. Recently we were informed that Oak is the symbol for eighty years of anniversary, representing strength and stability in a relationship. The golden colour of Oak makes it ideal for weddings and anniversaries and the attractive grain makes it a firm favourite here at The Lovespoon Workshop. Much of the Oak we use is reclaimed from sources including kitchen doors and old wardrobes.

All the wood that we make lovespooons from has to be seasoned. Reclaimed timber is often already seasoned but the wood that arrives in the form of freshly cut logs requires time to be dried out correctly. We work predominantly in a two year cycle when seasoning our wood. We dry logs whole for one year, then we cut and slat the logs for a second year to ensure moisture levels reach the required level. This process requires space as well as time and we have two timber stores in constant use here on site.

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