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 About US
The Lovespoon Workshop is a family business that was established in 1975 by Kerry and Jill Thomas. Throughout the years we have developed our collections of lovespoons with careful consideration of the tradition, whilst evolving to keep pace within an ever-changing world. Our core beliefs of quality, authenticity and good value have remained a constant throughout but we have also adapted the centuries old lovespoon tradition to keep our work at the forefront of the story of the Welsh Lovespoon today.

We have a great passion for this wonderful Welsh craft and we seek to preserve it within Wales and hope that future generations will continue to enjoy the lovespoon as we as a family have been able to.

Our love for the material that we work in on a daily basis is also great and we source it all from sustainable sources. Examples including recycling wood from old fixtures and fittings, solid furniture in disrepair and logs from our own trees. We are equally committed to our own programme of tree planting and to date have added more than fifty trees to our own site behind The Lovespoon Workshop.
The Lovespoon Workshop is a unique visitor attraction, with a collection of lovespoons dating back to 1969. Since 1969 one special lovespoon has been added to our collection recording the events of the year. Our collection has developed into our own version of a family diary with personal and public milestones all being included in our lovespoons.

The births of children and grandchildren have been included on several lovespoons. Using traditional symbols like links and seeds but also less traditional methods like arrows, deriving from psalm 127, recording the joyous event of a new arrival. Our lovespoon collection has also been used to record international events, including the London Olympics, the tragic events of September 11th 2001, the incredible rescue of the miners in Chile and the inauguration of President Barack Obama. These are just a few examples but the list of events recorded in our lovespoon collection is considerably longer.

In essence what makes our lovespoon collection unique at The Lovespoon Workshop is that each one has a message. To craft a unique lovespoon design is just part of the process, the story that it tells is what gives the lovespoon its true purpose and meaning.
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